The Art Of Decorating With Multi Coloured Rugs

Choosing the colour of a new rug or carpet maybe simple⸺ you pick up your favourite colour, and you know you love it! But it often happens with so many people who choose a favourite colour for a daily object, that they tend to grow weary of looking at the same colour every day, and before they know it, it is not their favourite anymore! Don’t make the same mistake while investing in area rugs, especially since they are expensive. Here’s a functional way of how you can colour coordinate your “rugs situation” and make your interiors more jovial and warm with a simple touch of creativity.

The artsy tufts of multi-coloured rugs have the best potentials to draw in lots of visual interest into your space. People mostly use vibrant and bold colours when buying children’s rugs, while sticking to old-school patterns and traditional designs for the rest of the house. The common colour codes used in rugs are red-brown combination, blue-white combination and beige and brown combination. It’s about time for you to break free from the monotony and open up to fresh methods of colour coordinating. You don’t have to be adept with the colour wheel like most interior decorators are, but have a determined choice whether you pick monochrome or contrasting colours.

• Monochrome is the layering of similar grouped colours into a semantic layout. For example, an orange rug and pink rug can together create a vivid monochromatic look.

• Contrast is about mixing complementing colours from different colour schemes, such as coordinating a yellow rug with an orange, white or grey rug.

Importance Of Color In Interior Decor

Colours refresh living spaces and renew the energy that flows around the house by holding the visual simulation together. Colours are also a functional way to tackle odd corners and transform wasted spaces into highlighted nooks. The key to working out colour schemes in living spaces is to choose a refined colour palette and prevent yourself from overdoing it.

The ideal thing to do here would be to get 2-3 rugs of different sizes, and colours and layer them strategically. You can also pick patterns and solids for the same purpose. This gives you more room to interchange different looks according to seasons and moods.

Neutral Vs Color

Neutral colours create a soft, serene ambience and are the safest way to decorate your spaces, especially if you are not sure about your colour preferences. Coloured rugs, on the other hand, bring in a semblance of vividness creates a focal ground for spaces. Muted tones, like a white rug, maybe the safest to keep as a design element, but it is the most challenging to upkeep as a decor item that’s heavy and has complex cleaning instructions.

The tiff between muted tones and bright colours can only be settled with personal style revelation and how much time you can contribute to keeping the items clean and stain-free.

When choosing the colour of a new rug, keep the following in mind:

• Light Coloured Rugs are basic and blends with all backgrounds, they make a small room appear expansive and profess a clean and sophisticated look. However, even a minor spot can make your space look unkempt.

• Dark Coloured Rugs are best to hide structural imperfections, can mask out minor stains and specs. They usually look rich but can show off dust particles very easily.

• Mid Tone Colours and Bright hues provide the perfect balance. A trendy style nowadays is layering bright coloured rugs with a white base rug in a minimalistic fashion.

Shop It Right

The most common scenario when buying new carpet is that they tend to look a shade lighter than they appeared on the store shelf or online. Lighting or photo-editing might be a cause of it, but it is a normal thing and does not have to mean that the seller is trying to con you. Rug sampling is a great solution to this problem. Also, you can shop from a store that offers convenient return and exchange policies if you are not fully satisfied with your new rug. When you are investing in new rugs, try not to make any compromises given the fact that there are endless options for you to find the perfect item for your space.

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